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Monday, June 26, 2017

Phone: 757-890-3600 TDD: 757-890-3621

Open Burning Regulations


York County open burning information includes permit and non-permit open burning requirements. The department often receives inquiries regarding open burning for bonfires, recreational fires and fire in outdoor fireplaces, chimineas and fire/barbeque pits.

Bonfire, Recreational Fires/Chimineas/Outdoor Fireplace Burning Requirements

Non-Permit Burning - Open Burning of LEAVES ONLY!

Open burning is permitted for the disposal of leaves located on the premises of private property by the residents of such property, provided the following conditions are met:

View Leaf Burning Regulations

Permit Required Burning

A burning permit is required for all other open burning within York County. Open burning by permit may be permissible for the disposal of debris/waste resulting from the development or modification of roads and highways, parking areas, railroad tracks, pipelines, power and communication lines, buildings or building areas, sanitary landfills, and/or from any other clearing operation which may be approved by an authorized representative of the Department of Fire and Life Safety, provided the following conditions are met:

Permit Required Burning Regulations

Application for Open Burning Permit

The Application for Open Burning Permit may be filled out online, printed and mailed to:

York County Department of Fire and Life Safety
Attn: Open Burning Permits
P.O. Box 532
Yorktown, Virginia 23690

or you may deliver the Application for Open Burning Permit Monday - Friday 8:15 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., except holidays to Fire Administration (Public Safety Building) located at: 

301 Goodwin Neck Road
Yorktown, Virginia 23692