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Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Awards as the result of a public solicitation are now included on the 'Solicitations' page. Supporting documentation may consist of the Board Resolution authorizing the purchase, the 'Notice of Award', selected abstracts of the Contract-document issued to the Contractor, or a simple entry in the 'Action' column of the solicitation. Two additional type of awards are provided below: Award of "Call" (On Demand, as needed) Contracts, and selected purchase orders as part of the County's 'Transparency Initiative'.




'Call' Contracts Currently in Effect


Commodity Name Contract Number Contract End
Tires: Vehicle Fleet/YC School Garage CF86300-14-1874(B) 04/30/2015
Ambulance C07057-09-1637(A) 05/05/2015
FENCING, VINYL-CLAD & GALVANIZED C33000-10-1752(A) 05/31/2015
Wet Well Vacuum Cleaning Services - Wet C91381-14-1779(E) 06/30/2015
Insurance, Student Accident C95300-15-1865(B) 06/30/2015
Bulk Fuel C40515-14-1849(B) 07/18/2015
Check Recovery Services C94633-11-50101(A) 09/07/2015
Health and Fitness Facility C94873-13-1302(L) 09/30/2015
Grounds Maintenance Services/Pruning C98852-13-1894(A) 09/30/2015
Employee Assistance Program C95238-14-1838(C) 10/31/2015
Fuel Maintenance Facility Inspections C96239-11-1815(B) 10/31/2015
School Beverage Vending Services C96115-11-1771-1(A) 03/31/2016
MOWING SERVICES PUMP STATIONS & WELLS C98836-10-1676(A) 06/30/2016
Medical Oxygen C43048-13-ITB12-96/E 07/04/2016
Auction Services: Vehicles C96209-12-1826(A) 11/16/2016
Automotive Body Damage Repair C92800-12-1811(A) 12/31/2016
FIRE APPARATUS C07057-08-1595(A) 06/30/2017
Fireworks: Annual Contract C96236-13-1854(A) 07/05/2017
BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS C91017-13-1845(A) 10/09/2017
Audit: School Activity Funds C94620-13-1857(A) 04/30/2018
Personal Property & Real Estate Billing C94610-14-1901(A) 06/30/2019
MEDICAL REVIEW OFFICER SERVICES C94874-14-1909(A) 06/30/2019

Last update: 03/20/2015


'Transparency' Initiative

In January, 2010, the 'Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy' published a report rating Virginia localities on "Government Transparency" (see report here). In part the report read:


Government doesn't do everything it once did. All sorts of functions that used to be governmental are now contracted out to the private sector. Counties need to release that information. Here, we were looking for fairly basic information such as who got contracts, what for and how much (5, half if only one was missed). We also expected contact information on the contractor (3), a threshold of $2,500 for reporting (3) and for information on performances standards (3). This is one area where we wish we had a better handle on what was already being offered. In future transparency analysis we will score localities on having requests for proposals on line and having an easy to use database of contracting so that citizens can see where their money is being spent.


The spreadsheet(s) below are exhibited to meet the declared intent of that report [Revised: Sept., 2011, the files are now in Comma-Separated-Values (CSV) format and should open with most spreadsheet-software (e.g. Microsoft Excel)]**.The files now reflect ALL purchase orders, goods AND services, greater than (GT)$2,500, procured with a purchase order. Requests for additional information on a selected transaction(s) should be submitted as a FOIA request to the Public Information Office. Be sure to include the selected 5-digit 'po_number'.

** The advantage of the new format is that the spreadsheet can be opened with 'open source' spreadsheet software (enabling use of tablets and/or cell phones) and is no longer in a proprietary format. Further it is in a layout that was first published by the District of Columbia, in early 2010 and later adapted by the Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI).

FY2016 Purchase Orders GT $2500