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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Phone: 757-890-3490   TDD: 757-890-3621 

Psychological and Substance Abuse Services


Variety of prescription bottles and drugs / Shadow of someone abusing alcoholThe Juvenile Services Substance Abuse Program provides a continuum of services to youth and their families referred by the 9th District Judicial Court and the Court Service Unit. More specifically, our substance abuse program provides early intervention/prevention and educational services to youth who are typically at high risk for further substance abuse behavior as well as those who are historically under-served. This program is solution focused, family centered, inter-agency cooperative and community based. As a way of identifying youth in the early stages of substance misuse, the program provides substance assessment and evaluation services. The program also provides multi-family substance abuse education groups, which focus on reducing risk factors through building family resiliency. Drug screen monitoring is required by all program participants. Individuals and families that require additional counseling services are referred to the local colonial behavioral health or other treatment agencies for services as needed and who require follow up treatment beyond group services. The programs ultimate goal is to establish a drug free community.

Beginning July 2010, in an effort to provide a continuum of services and reduce recidivism prior to court appearance, requests from the 9th Judicial District require the addition of specific services not captured in other program categories. Juveniles who have successfully completed a drug prevention and education program may require additional services to monitor continued success outside of the program. This may include random drug screenings, and/or other services as referred by the Court Service Unit.

The following is a quick description of services provided:

  • A comprehensive psychosocial evaluation and a parent/child assessment inventory.
  • Substance Abuse Education groups are offered on a regular basis in Williamsburg and York County.
  • All youth participating in groups complete three urine drug screens. 
  • A treatment plan that may include individual and family counseling referrals.
  • Continued random drug screenings as requested by the court service unit.