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Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Commissioner of the Revenue


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Ann H. Thomas, Commissioner of the RevenueAnn H. Thomas is the Commissioner of the Revenue. As an elected Constitutional Officer, it is the responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue to uphold the Constitution and the laws of Virginia. This office keeps a continuous record of the revenue assessed, from which key projections are made to the County Administrator for preparation of the County's annual budget. It also serves as a source of revenue data for researching and planning for the state and local community. The scope of the work administered and processed, and the taxes assessed by the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office, is extremely broad and complex. This office plays a vital role in the multitude of services offered to taxpayers at the local level. Type of taxes administered by the Commissioner of the Revenue: Business License, Personal Property, Real Estate, Prepared Food and Beverage (Meals), Transient Occupancy (Room), $2 Room (designated to tourism), Bank Franchise, Public Service Corporation, Short-Term Rental, State Income (preparation and processing), and Estimated.

Mrs. Thomas is a 2003 title recipient of Master Commissioner of the Revenue from the University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center and the Commissioner of the Revenue Association of Virginia. She is accredited annually as Master Commissioner of the Revenue. Mrs. Thomas began working in the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office in 1973, and was elected as the Commissioner of the Revenue in 1992.

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